Meet Susan…

What do you do?

I work with smart, savvy, successful women who have recently had a life changing event such that it made them reevaluate EVERYTHING in their lives.  They are ready to create the NEXT CHAPTER in their lives from a place of MEANING, PURPOSE, and FUN and are determined to bring the SPARKLE back to their lives.

I am here to help you unleash your brilliance and start shining – stepping way outside your comfort zone, and claiming your desires, and living from a place of MEANING —- to YOU! My job is to inspire and challenge you to make yourself and your desires YOUR priority.

How do you do it?

  • First we listen to and honor your “story” up until now.
  • Then together we explore your unique values, non-negotiable  desires, what you do, and what you really want.
  • Then we see how you got so far off track, and implement exercises that will change your old habits and make you more aware.
  • All the while we work on upgrading your Mindset (you know, those limiting beliefs and emotional charges that come up and are keeping you stuck), choose your goals and back them with the right intention and action.  And have fun in the process!
  • We shift your perception on lots of life circumstances so that you can come from a more empowered place every day and make total peace with the past.
  • Then we make a plan that includes what you will need to do to have what you really want and honor your desires.
  • And  the BEST part of all is to Celebrate your NEW Story

Why do you do it?

After 20 years in Corporate America going from Social Worker to Systems Engineer and finding my way back to the people side of business as a Human Performance Consultant, I watched my friends and coworkers get sick, take “happy pills”, and a couple even died.  I knew there had to be a better way to live and work.

I conveniently asked to be included in the next round of layoffs, and in 2002, I got my wish.  And while part of me was elated, I woke up one day thinking, OMG, I have left myself vulnerable.  Up until that time, I had always worked and made great money.

And now, what do I want to do?  I made a decision based on input from others as well as what I thought were my desires.  I became a Homeopath – 4 more years of travel to school, 5 years of practicing at the highest level, and then – I realized that this is not who I want to be.

In between, I filled in at the office I practiced homeopathy in – in whatever capacity the chiropractor in there wanted.  And one day realized that I am trading more and more hours in service to “her” desires and her vision.  What was my vision for me?

And then at age 53, the sh*t hit the fan in my marriage.  I had turned over the finances to my husband and then one day realized that we were over 6 figures in credit card debt.   After careful checking, I realized what was going on and confronted him.  I had always been financially responsible, carried little to no credit card debt, and now!  How were we ever going to pay that back!   There was a huge betrayal mixed in this disaster, and with one foot out of the door, I sought answers.

It took me 2 1/2 years to realize how I had betrayed myself and where I had settled in our marriage.  It took me another year to find the tools to allow the anger and strong feelings of betrayal, resentment, and sadness to collapse into love and gratitude for the Universe, for GOD delivering me yet another message that this time I GOT!

In my journey, I came home to myself – the real me, the awesome woman full of ideas and spunk and joy that he married.  I knew who I was, what I wanted, and honored my desires.

And now, I work with women who are going through similar, yet different circumstances, come home to themselves.

My bottom line is KNOW YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, and BE YOURSELF.  A perfect prescription for health, vitality, purpose & meaning, and SPARKLE.

If I can help your find your FABULOUS again, I am honored.

Life is too short to struggle for years on your own.  Working together can save you precious time.

I take great joy in facilitating transformation, especially with women at this point in their journeys.  Just knowing the ripple effect it has in the world when a smart and savvy woman finds her fabulous and starts living from a place of excitement for life, meaning, and purpose is enough.

I want you to get excited about your life again, and from your core – not just positive thinking. Isn’t it time your DESIRES were honored?  Isn’t it time – for YOU first?

YOU are so done with your past, done with being tired and emotionally drained all the time.

YOU are so done with people pleasing and living by the expectations of others.

How will it feel to jump out of bed each morning excited about your life?

How will it feel to be happy and contributing from your gifts and talents?

How will it feel to be energized every day and like who you are and what you do matters?

Isn’t this the life you want to live?


What makes you different?

I’ve been where you are – and after years  of struggle, I decided to figure it out (with help of course and tens of thousands of dollars!).  I decided when I did, I was going to help you do the same.  You’ve invested so much time and money in therapy, groups, singles groups, workshops, books –  isn’t it time to do something different?  Something that integrates your negative emotions, freeing up tons of energy and empowers you and creates the story that you want to live?

I listen very well, and can often hear not only what you say, but also what you don’t say.  I’ve been asked many times “How’d you do that?” when I’ve helped someone shift their perception about something hugely bothering them.


What else about Susan?

  1. I can’t sing or dance but I LOVE to do both!
  2. I love the beach, all parts including sand between my toes.
  3. I love long walks in nature – most any natural setting.
  4. I love trees, birds, nature, the Pacific Northwest, all of Italy.
  5. I am a published author.
  6. I devour books, love a great glass of wine, especially overlooking the beach while eating the freshest seafood and veggies or reading  a book.
  7. Travel plans include Italy – 2017, and the beach – Florida first – 2015, 2016, 2017.
  8. My favorite word lately is “Non-negotiable”.
  9. I have a best friend since 2nd grade.
  10. And I love that my husband does dishes most nights!

When can I start?

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