Susan Kennedy Teaches Women How To Create Better Versions of Themselves.

Live The Life You Want and align your vision and energy.

Eliminate the Sadness and Stress. Do what brings you joy instead.

Remove the traumas and blocks that hold you back.

Reprogram Yourself and See the opportunities you’ve been missing.

Your Life’s Purpose is waiting for you to make a difference for others.

Your Source Energy is waiting to connect so that you can manifest.

Choose to create a new chapter in your life.

- Susan Kennedy -

Susan W. Kennedy

Living the Life You Want is not Wishful Thinking.
It is a skill you can easily learn.
  • Gain control over fear and stop worrying about what other people think.
  • Find your Purpose and Passion. 
  • Design and live your ideal life every single day.
  • That is what I’ve done and I teach others to do the same.
    • results may vary.
Coaching Programs
Private immersion program for women who are ready to make themselves and their desires a priority.
Turn YOUR Sparkle Back On
A Workshop for Women ready to Write Their Next Chapter from a place of Purpose, Meaning, and FUN!
Private immersion program for women who are ready to make themselves and their desires a priority.
Maria M

I feel more spacious and less concerned with what people think

“Doing the constellation exercise was really helpful.  I feel more spacious and less concerned with what people think, dad included.  I sent out my newsletter with the information that I was concerned about with a sense of ease.  I really appreciate your help, your intuition was spot on.”

Lisa Chipkin

I am now bursting with creativity and enthusiasm for building my business again.

“Before working with Susan I was floundering and really struggling to identify my ideal client and what exactly I want to offer them. There are so many applications for the healing work I do, and infinite directions I could take it. As a result of this, I have been spinning my wheels and having trouble getting my business off the ground. Before our session, Susan sent me some prep work I found to be quite engaging, so when we met a week later, I had a real sense that our work together had already begun. I felt the sparks of movement and inspiration where there had been none.

Susan’s insightful and provocative questioning allowed me to create new thoughts about my situation.

“Susan’s insightful and provocative questioning allowed me to create new thoughts about my situation. She intuitively knew exactly what to ask and her questions were right on target. Whenever I think about our coaching sessions, I still marvel at her gift for asking questions that I somehow could not find within the heap of my own feelings that I had wrapped about my situation.”

Maya Crockett
Grateful Yoga

Sacred Desires Women’s Retreat was in the beautiful setting and even though it was raining off and on, it was definitely a perfect setting to go on the inward journey.


Susan and Denise did an amazing job facilitating the Constellation and Dream Building work – we don’t realize how little time and energy we spend focusing on what we truly want in our lives and they gave us an opportunity to truly look inside and figure out what it is that we want in our lives in terms of our health, relationships, finances and careers. We could not have done all of this without the support from other participants who helped to give us insight into our sacred desires as well as blockages that need to be cleared in order to pursue our dreams and vision.


I highly recommend Susan, Denise and the Sacred Desires Women’s Retreat to anyone who want to bring happiness and purpose in their lives.

Thank you Susan and Denise!


Susan and Denise facilitated the Constellation and Visioning work that helped me gain much-needed clarity in regard to goals and desires in the many areas of my life.  Furthermore, I was inspired to spring into action after I got back!

Susan and Denise are encouraging and motivating.  It’s easy to see that they really care about the people they work with. I would recommend them without hesitation!


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